Chapter 1: Searching for the IoT Resources: Requirements and Outlook

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(From the publication abstract)

With the prevalence of networked sensor technologies, collecting data from the physical environment and (automated) interactions with devices ranging from actuator and sensor nodes is a growing trend. The volumes of dynamic data that are collected from the physical world are increasing exponentially and extracting meaningful information from them has become a challenging task. The Internet of Things (IoT) is an umbrella term that refers to integrating the physical (smart) objects into the digital world (i.e. Internet). IoT leverages the exploitation of the 5G network capabilities to enable more devices and objects to connect to the network and communicate with each other with low latency and high response time. Moreover, the scale, distribution, dynamicity and heterogeneity nature of IoT resources raise a set of challenges in data processing and analytics. The current information retrieval and access methods for the Web are not applicable for dealing with the data deluge to provide efficient and scalable practical IoT dynamic applications and solutions. This chapter discusses the requirements and challenges of designing and developing effective IoT solutions.

Building IoT/ WoT search engines is on-going research. In this chapter, we underline challenging in discovery and processing mechanisms.

Yasmin Fathy and Payam Barnaghi

University College London and Surrey University

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