IoTCrawler: Challenges and Solutions for Searching the Internet of Things

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(From the abstract)

Due to the rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT), and the availability of more and more IoT data sources, mechanisms for searching and integrating IoT data sources become essential to leverage all relevant data for improving processes and services.

The IoTCrawler framework is not only another IoT framework, it is a system of systems which connects existing solutions to offer interoperability and to overcome data fragmentation. In addition to its domain-independent design, IoTCrawler features a layered approach, offering solutions for crawling, indexing and searching IoT data sources, while ensuring privacy and security, adaptivity and reliability. The concept is proven by addressing a list of requirements defined for searching the IoT and an extensive evaluation. In addition, real world use cases showcase the applicability of the framework and provide examples of how it can be instantiated for new scenarios.

A common problem for many IoT domains is the search and discovery of available IoT devices, which is the main purpose of the IoTCrawler framework.

Iggena, Thorben; Bin Ilyas, Eushay; Fischer, Marten; Tönjes, Ralf; Elsaleh, Tarek; Rezvani, Roonak; Pourshahrokhi, Narges; Bischof, Stefan; Fernbach, Andreas; Xavier Parreira, Josiane; Schneider, Patrik; Smirnov, Pavel; Strohbach, Martin; Truong, Hien; González-Vidal, Aurora; Skarmeta, Antonio F.; Singh, Parwinder; Beliatis, Michail J.; Presser, Mirko; Martinez, Juan A.; Gonzalez-Gil, Pedro; Krogbæk, Marianne; Holmgård Christophersen, Sebastian

University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück, University of Surrey, Siemens AG Austria, AGT International, University of Murcia, NEC Labs Europe, Aarhus University, OdinSolutions and City of Aarhus

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