D6.4 IoTCrawler Framework and Tools

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This deliverable is the final document describing the integration (T6.1) and tooling support (T6.2) activities carried out within the IoTCrawler project. It describes the final version of the IoTCrawler components as well as the integrated framework. The components and the framework are publicly available in a GitHub repository.

To ease the uptake by external stakeholders, we provide extensive descriptions of the deployment and usage of the components. As part of the tooling support we also provide multiple documentations, tutorials, and a testing environment for users to assess the performance of the components. This document includes a description of the methodology used in the deployment, integration, and testing, as well as an overview of the available components and tools. 

The methodology used in the development, deployment and testing is presented. Moreover, each individual component is introduced once again. Major changes have occurred in the components, e.g. related to public end-points and deployment instructions.

Josiane Xavier Parreira


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