D3.1 Enablers for IoT Security and Privacy Baseline

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This deliverable summarises what has been done in work package 3 (T3.1, T3.2 and T3.3). The main focus is the design of security architecture applied orthogonally at multi-layered architecture of the IoTCrawler framework. The outcome of this work is a set of security-, privacy- and trust-aware enablers which cover various security aspects.

As parts of the IoTCrawler framework, both managing planes, data plane and control plane, take security as the critical part of the design. At the control plane, legit registration of IoT devices initially joining the network is authorised by the secure bootstrapping enabler.

Appropriate occurrences of system events in compliant to administration policies are monitored by the policy compliance check enabler. At the data plane, the most focused part of the security architecture, authorised accesses to domain IoT data resources are controlled by the authorization enabler. 

It is possible for multiple domains to agree on access and sharing data by using the blockchain network and smart contracts that regulate the logic of policy management in distributed manner. 

The data privacy enabler ensures that IoT data (or meta data) is stored and queried in privacy-preserving manner. 

“This deliverable provides details of enablers for ensuring security, trust and privacy of the entire IoTCrawler framework from collecting to processing and sharing the IoT data.”

Hien Truong


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