D2.1 Requirements and Design Templates for IoT Crawling

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This deliverable summarizes the work of Task T2.1 in which an array of scenarios and requirements are defined, and the outcome of Task T2.2 which provides design templates as an initial input for the IoTCrawler framework. We have identified and analysed 22+ initial application scenarios that will benefit from IoTCrawler. These application scenarios extend the initial set of use cases described in the description of action (DoA), and are used to extract technical and non-technical requirements detailing an initial set of KPIs that will provide the basis for evaluating the results of the project.

We have also identified three initial sets of cross domain scenarios and developed design templates providing the technical ground work for developing the IoTCrawler components. The results presented in this deliverable constitute an important step for the work that will be carried out as part of the technical work package WPs 4, 5 and 6. In addition, WP 7 will select and refine the work on the scenarios and identify the main prototypes for implementation and further analyse their business- and societal value.

All project partners have done an amazing and extensive work of deeply analyzing many IoT applications in 10 relevant domains. This deliverable covers important insights on the potential impact of IoTCrawler in terms of creating innovative IoT applications. D2.1 is key to understanding the process that was used for identifying the technical requirements.

Martin Strohbach

AGT International

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