Innovation class on IoT

The IoTCrawler hosted an innovationclass at Aarhus Katedralskole – a high-school level education. To teach them about IoT in a live testbed, while learning from them how they wish to be involved. Which confirmed for us that a great way to experiment with IoT is through partnerships with formal education. The learning opportunities will be better with the Crawler components and connections to a real test bed.

Technical follower meet-up

Smart City-interested stakeholders from Aarhus met with the IoTCrawler team to hear more about the project at Godsbanen in Aarhus.

We look for Followers
to learn as we grow

We work with tech-oriented citizens

Only some of the knowledge needed in creating a serach engine for IoT is of a technical nature, we need to know much more about the use – and aspiration of use – for IoT come from the citizens.
We aim to speak to a varied group of citizens about using and experimenting with IoT in their homes, workplaces and lives.
We are still looking for educators, students, IoT start-ups and possible new use-cases. The key is creating mutually benificial services, and at the same time defining the functionality of the IoTCrawler.

Would you like to know more?
Please contact our out-reach coordinator:

IoTprofessional – an active part of the research project

We connect with a growing community of IT professionals, who are interested in IoT development.

In IoTCrawler, we want to discuss the thoughts, ideas and concerns from developers and researchers. Followers of our project are occasionally invited to events, talks, prototype testing, webinars and workshops throughout the life span of the project.
This is for validating scenarios and business models, testing prototypes or demos and generally involves developing the components in the project.

What do we do? Read about an earlier event with the follower group.
Please contact the technical coordinator:

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