The assessment of the results we have achieved in the project is now complete. The review was conducted on the 23rd of June 2021, a few clarifications requested by the reviewers regarding the exploitation were afterwards addressed and now we can look back, with gratitude, on the 30-month journey we have completed.

From the review report
The IoTCrawler project has delivered excellent results with significant immediate or potential impact, and the project was able to adapt to the constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic while demonstrating great resilience.
A significant number of exploitable results were produced as FogFlow and Smart-Connect and MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) working as stand-alone applications in different domains Smart Home, Smart Parking, Smart Energy and Industrial Data monitoring. FogFlow is a new component to the FIWARE framework acting as a generic FIWARE enabler for cloud-edge orchestration. SmartConnect is a tool for IoT integrators for developing smart city applications.
The Smart Home MVP (achieved at TRL9) and SmartConnect have potential for wider uptake. Some project’s outcomes have advanced the state-of-the-art in a number of domains, and for some results, the partners defined relevant exploitation strategy. Stakeholders are appropriately identified per MVP and a small number has already been approached.
The project has conducted an excellent scientific dissemination of the results with 49 publications in high level international journals and conferences. Joint publications were possible.

The contribution of the consortium to standardization activity is significant. It has been conducted mainly in ETSI special group on Industry Specification Group for cross-cutting Context Information Management (ISG CIM) as also on Permissioned Distributed Ledger group (ISG PDL). Even if no immediate impact on standard extension is clearly addressed, IoTCrawler demonstrated its potential to contribute as a Proof of Concept to the standardisation group ETSI PDL.

The consortium would like to thank all, who have supported the development of the IoTCrawler search engine these last three years. We are beyond grateful and honoured by the positive reviews, which would not have been possible without our friends and colleagues from other universities, from corners of our organisations, countless citizens and businesses, partner-projects such as CHARIOT, SOFIE, NGIoT, the European Commission and our advisory board.

“About WP1 -Project Management: The cooperation activity between partners appears to be effective and well driven by
following a satisfactory management plan and has demonstrated a high resilience in facing successfully the pandemic crisis.

The monitorrs assigned by the European Commision

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