We entered talks with IoT Nordic and Force about the continuance of the IoTCrawler framework in northern Europe. The IoTCrawler was represented by the project coordinator, the AAR team and City Lab team, who are to take ownership of the prototype and solution we built for Smart Cities.

I the first week of April the team in Aarhus and Project coordinator Antonio Skarmeta had a meeting with Force/ Nordic IoT Center: Lennart Oleg Larsen – Head of Sales, IoT, Data & Services Innovation, Anders Struwe Mynster – Head of Department, IoT Technology & Architecture and Kim Stannov Søvsø, head of City Lab Aarhus.

We presented in turn, before turning toward the possibilities existing between us: a city department with a great vision, a research project with some next level Proof of Concepts and Force – and an impartial and independent research and technology organisation with a vast network in northern Europe.

 On behalf of the project we were grateful first of all for the opportunity to think-out-loud where it matters, putting into words what it is that we have helped create, secondly Receiving valuable input about the order of things if the Crawler is to be pushed to more Danish and Scandinavian clients, and third of all a confirmation that City Lab the department, no longer simply a test bed, might play an important role as ambassadors for the technical solution.

Could a city department own or host certain components?

So far we have agreed with City Lab to sign a Memorandum of Understanding regarding the project, agreeing to further the Smart City solutions and ideas beyond the life time of the project, and with Force to co-present the project for one of their IoT and Wireless events.


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