With a total of 70 participants in Zoom and 110 wathcing on and off on Twitter we are more beyond thankful for the attendance. A few of our participants have graciously provided us with some feed-back on the morning. 

All of the consortium partners took part in creating the webinar even though it focused more narrowly on the MVPsand the demos there-of.
We hope the full working prototypes were appreciated. Thank you all partners who worked so hard to create them. These are not just ideas. See or revisit the demos on our YouTube channel.

 Thank you for critical comments and positive feed-back alike:

1) Why did you not dwell more on explaining the components in more detail?
The Webinar focused on understanding the IoTCrawler Framework through the use cases. For more knowledge check out the newest articles under Results or enter the GitHub in our Developers’ Page.

2) “Excellent showcases: I enjoyed the smart parking demo. In a nutshell it has the potential to become a “tripdavisor” of parkings. There are many platforms to deploy these types of applications and services, and you could let yourselves be inspired by different business models: think Android Auto, Apple (itunes), Mercedes developer, Movistar car.”

3) The Eurovision analogy was great. You need something to keep the audience focused, and I thóught it worked great!

 Watch or rewatch the webinar in the video below.

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