Valuable feed-back

In an online meeting with our advisory board, we were able to pitch to them where we are in the project. We particularly wanted their advice on exploitation and we asked them to consider the following questions:

  • What was your first idea/impression on the approaches and results?
  • Which are the strong and weak points you can identify in the project?
  • Are the MVP representative enough, what was missing (if anything)?
  • Which exploitation and standardisation efforts show the most potential? 
  • Which assets and innovations have the most value and should be prioritised in your opinion for an exploitation strategy?

A question from the advisors that rendered a fruitful discussion was a general concerne for the prolonged project period.
However, the planning of a final joined event, an article involving many partners and our online exploitation workshops, have played an influential part in keeping us engaged.

“What are your thoughts on actions that will prevent the energy from dropping before closing the project?

Board of Advisors

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