A functioning, sensor-based room booking app and a business case focused on the IoTCrawler framework are the concluding results of the work by students at Aarhus University BTECH.

The IoTCrawler has been an active part in the Aarhus University’s test bed since the beginning of the project and as part of their consultancy research. Now the IOTCrawler was also used in the university test-bed and as part of their facilitated student learning.
Student groups were given the opportunity of approaching the IOTCrawler project as their ‘industrial client’ and provide an example of how they worked with the IOTCrawler framework from a start-up point of view.

The group who chose the
IOTCrawler case applied the technology in institutional infrastructural management, more specifically the management of meeting rooms, and analysed the business potential, and they succeeded in making a functioning room booking app, making use of motion-, sound-, temperature- and humidity sensors to define the room conditions and determine whether it is occupied. You can download the app for Android or iPhone.

The IoTCrawler was part of the course work from February – June 2020 within AU BTECH through the TBMI course at AU BTECH. https://btech.au.dk/tbmi/

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