The IoTCrawler partner Aarhus City team are at the moment pre-occupied with a completely new segment of users, and have a new take on adding to the follower group. We are looking at a follower group which provide insights and learnings to our project, while gaining meaningful learning on several levels.

New interest is a continuation of the co-creation phase
In the process of working out the detailed use-cases for the CityLab test-space, we started working with high-school students, and now we are already thinking about letting other students – from the very young to the more advanced – into the process.

This happened because we had a number of hypothesis verified:

  • Working with IoT is meaningful when linked to both formal and informal learning, because it provides educators with real-life cases where there is more at stake for the students.
  • Data understanding and data creation could very well go hand in hand.

The young adults have great ideas, and link the use of IoT to areas they feel passioned about – e.g. sustainability – almost immidiately.

Sensors ready-made for citizens and student could be useful
The work of the Aarhus team is focused first on providing an interface between the IoTCrawler functions and the users’ sensor-generated data, and to creating a sustainable partnership between educators in schools, informal educators from libraries, those in charge of the test-bed and finally the data-based businesses.
Therefor, we look into readymade sensor kits like:

Want to participate too? 
We are looking for more educators, students and IoT start-up companys who are interested in helping us create new meaningful services, and at the same time define the functionality for the IoTCrawler.
Please contact our out-reach coordinator: 

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