Last week a partner meeting in the IoTCrawler consortium was held at The University of Surrey.

– We had nice discussions and the meeting provided a wonderful opportunity to share ideas and work on a more detailed plan for IoTCrawler research and development activities, Payam Banarghi, University of Surrey explains.

–  One of the key challenges in IoT is providing the ability to search for data and patterns. IoTCrawler is developing a series of key enablers to make IoT more accessible across different platforms and via common services. IoTCrawler will also provide machine-to-machine interfaces for search and accessing IoT resources and patterns that can be extracted from streaming IoT data sources. 

Antonio Skarmeta, project coordinator for the IoTCrawler project, University of Murcia elaborates:

– The meeting in Surrey has served for consolidation of the main ideas behind the architecture of IoTCrawler and at the same time to detail the plan for development of the initial components and their integration.

On the architecture aspect, Mirko Ross, Digital Works, means:

– The architecture challenge has two aspects: first building a developer friendly architecture as we want to encourage open source developers to use IoTCrawler. And second to provide an architecture which can scale by keeping good performance on search results.

Another focus point for the partner meeting was to prepare the first phase of the evaluation and validation of the initial MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) to demonstrate the IoTCrawler solution.

–  IoTCrawler it is now reaching an end of the first cycle of the project where the instantiation of the project concept will be validated again the use case and the end users via cocreation workshops, explains Antonio Skarmeta.

– The co-creation process is all about getting to know our end users better and find ways to create value with the IoTCrawler components. The IoTCrawler co-creation workshop we’ve made mixes a lot of interesting tools for exploration, defining problems and prototyping. The real goal is to find opportunities worth solving by asking the people who experience them daily, and reflecting how IoTCrawler can actually make a difference, Tom Collins, University of Aarhus, explains.

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