Antonio Skarmeta (University of Murcia (ES))

Antonio, can you describe the IoTCrawler project?
– IoTCrawler is an advanced search and discovery mechanism of IoT and smart objects in the Internet that will support the security and privacy restrictions that user and owners of IoT devices will provide related to how to disclose the data that the IoT can can publish.

Where are we now in the project?
– We are finishing the architecture of the IoT Crawler solution and the definition of the use cases, and initial prototyping of concept and solution are going to be launched.

What will be the next main steps in the project?
– Now our main challenge it is to start putting together all the pieces and have a first cycle of development to be used and validated by users.

Please describe the technical challenges we are facing at the moment
– The first one it is to define the properties and attributes to be taken in consideration in the IoT and smart objects descriptions to facilitate an intelligent, secure and privacy aware search and discovery. Secondly to create the necessary mechanism to collect and gather information in the infosphere of the IoT objects and connect to the different platforms and deploymet already existing.
Finally we need to validate this on real use case defined in IoTCrawler.

What are the possibilities in a large scale project like IoTCrawler?
– There a high expectations on how IoTCrawler will be able to solve the challenge of crawling the internet of IoT, and based on this new opportunities will be open to provide advanced services and application that will use it.

And what are the difficulties when working in a large scale project like IoTCrawler?
– As in many other collaborative project, how to synchronize the different groups and really make people working together. Also in IoTCrawler the use case are a challenges to be covered as they are quite ambitious.

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