A crucial part of the IoTCrawler project is to use the developed components in different testbeds. Here we bring a series of a short introduction to the testbeds.The first presentation is OdinS’ testbed.
Interview with Juan Antonio, OdinS.

How would you describe OdinS’ role as a testbed in the IoTCrawler project?
Since OdinS is a company whose purpose is that of providing devices and solutions for IoT and Smart Cities, the role that OdinS plays in this project is key in making IoTCrawler project a success regarding integrating IoT devices and platforms because of the expertise OdinS has in the scope of lightweight protocols used by IoT devices, NGSI representation as a common denominator of IoT platforms, and security.

What is OdinS’ contribution to the project?
Our contribution in this project is threefold: our experience in developing and integrating IoT devices into different platforms, our knowledge and expertise in the field of NGSI as a common representation notation for the entities that will be stored and integrated into the IoT Crawler, and finally our expertise regarding security and privacy at different layers.

 What do you see as the potential use of an IoTCrawler for your company in the future?
First of all we expect to take advantage of the project to define interoperable products that can be integrated in any other platform. In addition, since we have also developed a platform to access IoT device, we can exploit IoTCrawler in two different ways: first as a way to let our platform and devices to be improved and more known globally thanks to being integrated to the IoTCrawler, and secondly as a way of discover new devices which would be easily integrated into our platform.

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