A crucial part of the IoTCrawler project is to use the developed components in different testbeds. Here we bring a series of a short introductions to the testbeds.The first presentation is Siemens’ testbed.
Interview with Josiane Xavier, Siemens Austria.

How would you describe Siemens’ role as a testbed in the IoTCrawler project?
Today’s building automation systems are evolving into complex and distributed software platforms which utilize a wide range of devices and communication protocols to provide a growing number of services for the building operator as well as its residents. The Siemens testbed allows investigating how such systems can be actively integrated into broader service landscapes, for example by providing services to entitled third parties. Services and data provided by buildings are often personified, as energy consumption data can be used to identify the appliances operating in a building. Therefore this testbed allows to specify the requirements towards access, privacy and security methods developed within IoTCrawler. In addition it allows to test them in interplay with the other IoTCrawler technology in the context of the Smart Energy usecase. This is also illustrated in the image above.

What is Siemens’ contribution to the project?
Besides providing the testbed Siemens will implement the Smart Energy usecase which will demonstrate how IoTCrawler can be used to establish an interaction between building and energy system operators. In addition Siemens will contribute to the development of semantic discovery mechanisms, which allow to discover and classify available services.

What do you see as the potential use of an IoTCrawler for your company in the future?
Given the trend towards complex services which can be seen in automation, there are many fields of application of IoTCrawler in the future. Complex services, regardless of their domain, often depend on other third party data and services. In addition, in some cases, automation itself can become a service provider, creating additional means of monetization for its operator.
The dynamic nature of the services landscape in combination with an ever growing number of available devices and services makes the discovery and continuative utilization or provision of services a non-trivial task. IoTCrawler will ease these efforts by providing means to identify and consume services by significantly reducing the required engineering effort.

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