On May 5, 2018, IoTCrawler teamed up with The Next Generation Internet initiative for a workshop on the human aspects of technology and IoT 

As part of the Danish tech-festival Internet Week Denmark, IoTCrawler and  The Next Generation Internet (NGI) hosted the workshop “BUILDING AN INTERNET FOR HUMANS”. In line with the aim of NGI, the focus of the workshop was on how to make tech – including IoT – adapt to humans and their values rather than the other way around. 

Human behaviour, power and IoT structure 

The first presentation at the workshop was delivered by Rob van Kranenburg, Ecosystem Manager for NGI, founder of the IoT Council and one of the most influential people in the world when it comes to IoT. Making a comparison with the history of power structures of information, van Kranenburg emphasized it as problematic that private companies own and control both major gateways and storage when it comes to IoT: “Gateways should be in public hands. It should not be a system for Google, but for society.” 

Besides van Kranenburg, Anja Bechmann from Aarhus University and Tom Collins from C4IoT gave presentations focused on bringing the sociological and ethical aspects of user and programmer behaviour forth in topics like filter-bubbles and companies being practically raised above the law. 

Scenarios as concrete impact 

As an example of a project aiming at ensuring publicly developed IoT infrastructure, IoTCrawler contributed to the workshop with a hands-on scenario validation assignment. The scenarios are created by  the partners of IoTCrawler to depict a row of possibilities such a IoT search enginge could enable, spanning from enhancing large sport events to finding missing children. The participants were giving feedback on the credibility of the scenarios as well as their economical and societal value. 

The scenarios are still in their validation stage, but in the long run, they will be used as use-cases for estimating both business potential of IoTCrawler and its societal effects.

Want to contribute in the scenario validation too? 

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